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Kaiya’s stunning debut EP, Flashback, was written in the wake of an emotional time when her life long friends and neighbors moved away. Kaiya wrote and recorded the first song "4 days" in one inspired night as a parting gift to her friends, incapsulating the heavy emotions she was going through.

Kaiya continued to compose as a means of processing the experience. She examined the idea of nostalgia as a basis for the next two songs "No Apologies" and "Flashback". Starting with the title Kaiya assembled the two songs in pieces over a couple weeks, writing the songs simultaneously. A guitar part, a verse, a chorus, another verse, edits, a bridge, backing vocals, etc.

 Clichés” began with a guitar part she wrote while working on No Apologies and Flashback that seemed to match the mood of the first three songs. At this point she knew she had a collection of songs that were all tied together. Sensing that “Clichés” was the album closer Kaiya realized she could reference the lyrics from the other 3 songs to tie it all together and give the EP a sense of closure. A sort of goodbye to her neighbors the Marston’s and a thank you to the listener.

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